My career started out with a start-up manufacturer bringing a new class of product to the turf & ornamental industry, food-service facilities, and water treatment facilities. I supported the CEO before moving into the Company's marketing role. We were building both a company and a brand from the ground up, as well as breaking new ground in well-established industries. It was an incredible experience.
From this broad marketing role, I discovered a passion for brand development and visual design and pursued a professional program in Graphic Design through the University of California Berkeley Extension. 
In 2015, I established KS Creative Design, and set out to help businesses build their brands and nurture those brands beyond a logo
through unified, strategic visual communications, messaging, and content-driven marketing. 

I am most certainly one of the lucky ones. I’ve been fortunate to marry a man that inspires me to be better version of myself, venture out of my comfort zone, and supports my dreams. I am a proud Momma to an energetic, spirited toddler who keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh daily. I've experienced the incredible community that is the Air Force while my husband served. Though we may no longer be an active duty family, it will forever be apart of me, as are all the special people we met along the way. And while I consider myself lucky to have lived many places over the years, I couldn’t be happier to have finally returned to where my heart feels at home, Colorado.

Bachelor of Science in Business, Marketing Emphasis
University of Colorado, Boulder
Professional Sequence in Graphic Design
University of California Berkeley Extension

Adobe Creative Cloud: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
Project Management: Teamwork, Basecamp
Website Design & Mgmt: Squarespace
Email Marketing: Mailchimp, Constant Contact
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