Clone Sales Assistant

Brand development project for an online software-as-a-service company serving real estate agents with property search, communication, and reporting tools. The company’s target market includes tech-savvy, full-time realtors under 40 years old. The company desired a brand that communicated five key essences: luxury, tech-savvy, precise, efficiency, and proactive. The company name was selected to communicate the efficiency that the service offers users, as if they had a clone of themselves to assist them. Clone’s parent company, PurplePin, served other market stakeholders via its homeowner and investor divisions.

Project components
Identity, Style Guide, Website, Packaging, Infographic
Designer, Self-directed

The following thank you gift was created to be sent to users who sold a home using the Clone tools. The package was designed to be mailable, with an address panel. The box could be produced in volume, and then fulfillment could occur as-needed in-house or through a service provider by inserting desired gift card, addressing, and finally shrink wrapping.  The gift enhances the customer experience and builds brand loyalty.​​​​​​
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