Dogs on Deployment

A growing non-profit organization that offers military members and veterans a network of volunteer pet-fosters for support during their service commitments. The organization had an established brand and required advertising and promotional materials consistent with the brand guidelines to support their growing needs. The organization has a strong social pressence and is very active exhibiting at small events throughout the US. As an all-volunteer organization, leadership requests that templates be created and implemented when possible and requires production to be economical, sometimes even printable on home printers.
Project components
Advertisement, Social Media Graphics, Flyers, Video
Designer, Under Direction of Nicte Creative Design

Social Media Graphics
With a strong social media following, Dogs on Deployment uses social media as their primary communication channel for holidays, awareness, fundraising, and promotional campaigns. 
[a] Graphic in memorium of September 11th. [b] Awareness campaign under the Midas Cares program. Credit: Template and Midas Cares icon provided by Nicte Creative Design. [c] Monthly fundraising campaign. Four of 10 campaign images shown. Credit: T-shirt designs and photography provided Wearable Hope. [d] Promotional campaign for Purina’s Paws for a Cause contest. Credit: Voting booth and button images provided by Purina.

Often hung on community boards in local shops and on display at small events, this set of flyers was developed to advertise for DoD’s basic needs. The series includes a flyer for: volunteers, donations, and raffles (not shown). Flyers needed to be printable on home printers. 
Credit: Support/Connect/Reunite banner a brand graphic provided by Nicte Creative Design.

Template designed for two types of fundraising events, general and restaurants. 
DoD leadership desired a template that would make events look for official and incorporate the branding of the partner while retaining the newly established DoD brand to build brand recognition. 
The design solution included a header and footer reserved for partner branding and the main body of the flyer reserved for event information and the DoD branding.

Reunion videos captured by DoD borders were shared online without any DoD association. The branded video template connected the organization with the stories unfolding in the video. 
To ensure long-term production capability, the template was set up in iMovie, a software available to a greater number of volunteers.

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